As a member of Mediakunta you are part of a community

Mediakunta is a non-profit-making community of freelancers doing journalism and media gigs. The idea that we work together and that freelancing is something to be proud of.


Mediakunta eases your situation as someone working freelance gigs, as you do not have the obligations of being an entrepreneur. Mediakunta employs its members during journalism and media work gigs. We invoice the clients for the work done and make statutory deductions from your pay. We handle the billing and paperwork for you. We are non-profit-making, and all members’ contributions are used directly to benefit the membership.


As a cooperative we are the sum of our members. To join Mediakunta and work as one of its members you have to be a member of the Union of Journalists in Finland (UJF). We provide our members with networking opportunities, advocacy in members’ interests and training. We know the media sector and provide members with UJF and co-worker support. Being part of the cooperative improves your status on the jobs market in working freelance gigs. We can assist with such things as determining sufficient rates of pay.


Your benefits:


  • Being part of a community of professionals;
  • Accessing advocacy, training and special events;
  • Easy and uncomplicated billing and bookkeeping;
  • Having no entrepreneur obligations. You get paid and pension accrual.


Who is Mediakunta for?


Mediakunta is an additional service that is available to members of the Union of Journalists in Finland (UJF). It is mainly intended for people who want to focus on their primary occupation – journalism and media work.


All UJF members are welcome to join Mediakunta – whether journalists and media professionals or publishing editors, graphic designers, photographers and translators. You can also use our service if you are in an employment relationship or are a student or retired union member and are doing freelance gigs as a secondary occupation.


Financially speaking, it may be more rational to work as a self-employed person, if you want to clarify deductions and manage official obligations. If you want to focus on your primary occupation and you exercise it in an employment relationship, it makes good financial sense to act through the cooperative.


How to use our services


All gig-related billing, business and payments are handled through the Mediakunta members’ intranet service system. You will receive the login details when you join the cooperative.


  1. Agree on work assignments with clients.
  2. Complete the agreed work and create an invoice through the Mediakunta intranet members’ service
  3. Mediakunta bills the client for the service.
  4. The client pays the invoice.
  5. Mediakunta credits your account with your pay whenever you choose.
  6. Participate in developing the community, services and marketing of the cooperative.


More information:


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